Reports and Graphs

The real test of any help desk software is to deliver the right metrics so that your organization can make the best decisions to improve the current situation.

  • Categorized Reports
    All reports are categorized so that you can quickly locate the relevant reports you are looking for.

  • Find out the most common support issues logged
    Knowing the products and services that generate the most support issues can help your organization plan for staff workloads, identify which staff members need more training of the products and can also help identify what products may require more knowledge base articles.

  • Reduce the amount of time taken to resolve support issues
    By monitoring the resolution performance of helpdesk technicians, you can identify the areas needed to reduce the average resolution times to acceptable levels.

  • Track your staff productivity levels
    Keep a record of how many new issues are logged, how many are resolved on the first call, the number of cases referred and the backlog of issues for each support technician.

  • Track aged or overdue support issues
    All helpdesks and service centres need to keep on top of aged and overdue issues.

  • Monitor the log performance of support issues
    Use the log performance reports to reward the best support technicians and to identify which staff members may require more training to achieve acceptable log times.

  • Track the Knowledge Base usage
    Find out which are the most and least viewed knowledge base articles. Low ranking articles may need to be updated or simply removed.

  • Find out what are the most commonly used search phrases in the Knowledge Base
    Using the Insirux Help Desk reports you can fine tune your knowledge base so that searches return the most relevant knowledge base articles.

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