Insirux Knowledge Base

The Insirux Knowledge Base is fully customizable and editable, and enables helpdesk staff to search by category, subset, text or specific keyword.

Insirux Knowledge Base Main Screen

Figure 1. Insirux Knowledge Base Main screen

Knowledge Base Features

  • Rich Text support
    The Insirux Knowledge Base now supports full WYSIWYG support for all documents. All text can be colorized, bolded, underlined etc.
  • Print and Print Preview
    All documents in the Insirux Knowledge Base can be printed with ease.
  • Insert Pictures
    All documents can now contain pictures, allowing you to create fantastic knowledge base articles clearly showing every step of the way.
  • Export or Import documents
    All documents can be loaded or saved to .RTF files allowing you to load or edit documents with word processors like Microsoft Word ©
  • Article Ratings
    Users can rate Knowledge base articles so that your management team can quickly discover the best and worst articles and ensure that the Knowledge Base is relevant and up to date at all times.
  • Hierarchical Contents
    Organize your Knowledge Base into relevant sections in the Contents pane.
  • Organize your Knowledge Base into Subsets
    Browse all or part of the Knowledge Base with ease. Select a specific subset to narrow your search to see and find all documents in a particular subset. This is a great feature for when you are seeking information about a particular product.
  • Quickly find recent Knowledge Base articles visited
    The Insirux Knowledge base keeps track of all the articles that you have viewed in the last 2 weeks making it easy to find recently viewed articles.
  • Excellent Knowledge Base Reports
    Using the standard reports, managers can quickly identify the most and least viewed documents, the most common searches that results in 0 documents returned plus much more.
  • Powerful Searching
    The Insirux Knowledge base can now be searched in a manner similar to most of the popular Internet search engines. (Requires Full Text Searching to be installed on your SQL Server 2000 database server)

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