Insirux Help Desk Features Overview

Insirux Help Desk is a robust, flexible help desk solution that will help your business take control of your support issues. Designed and built on the new Microsoft .NET architecture, Insirux Help Desk will scale as your business grows.

Case Management Features
Handle multiple calls at the same time Yes
Close call on first contact Yes
Ability to assign requests to a person, an organization or a queue Yes, configurable
Auto ticket numbering Yes
Overridable ticket numbers Yes
Automatic e-mail notification Yes
Multiple contacts per request Yes
Ability to attach multiple assets Yes
Record all activities involved with the case Yes
Unlimited file attachments Yes
Search on custom fields Yes
Full audit history Yes
Full queue history - see where the request has been Yes
Full assignee history - see who worked on it and when Yes
Print/Print Preview Yes
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Queue Management Features
Ability to assign support requests to queues Yes, configurable
Ability to see team members queues Yes, configurable
Create private queues.  Yes
Ability to prevent users from editing requests Yes


Contact Management Features
Comprehensive records Yes
Multiple corporate contacts Yes
Powerful searching Yes
Search on custom fields Yes
Ability to associate assets with contact records Yes
Request history available from within contact record Yes
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Asset Management Features
Organize assets by location Yes
View the location history of assets Yes
Add multiple contacts/organizations to each Asset Yes
View the support issues related to an asset Yes
Track asset warranty information Yes
Track asset purchase information Yes
Search on custom fields Yes
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Knowledge Base Features
Searchable knowledge base Yes
Easy to create new knowledge base articles Yes
WYSIWYG knowledge base articles Yes
Unlimited file attachments Yes
Print/Print preview knowledge base articles Yes
Import/Export knowledge base articles Yes
Contents hierarchy Yes
Support for knowledge base subsets Yes
Keyword Index Yes
History of recently visited knowledge base articles Yes
Ability to rate knowledge base articles Yes
Required within tool Optional
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Search Features
One-click easy search Yes
Advanced Search Criteria Yes
Search on user-defined custom fields Yes


Reports and Graphs
Ability to see user productivity per defined time period Yes
Ability to see log performance Yes
Ability to see resolution performance Yes
Case Aging reports - manage your older cases with ease Yes
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