Contact Management Features

Insirux Help Desk is a very flexible contact manager. You can enter just a first name for a new contact or you can enter as much information about the person as you need.

The contact screen is well laid out and enables you to record all of the personal and address information relating to a person plus specific information that is useful for a help desk to know such as:

  • any assets used by the person
  • their support history
  • all activities and conversations between the person and the help desk
  • plus any other extra information can be stored and searched upon using custom fields.

1. Record comprehensive contact information

Store personal information, home and postal address details, phone numbers, and email addresses about each and every contact.
Contact and personal information

2. Use custom fields to capture even more information

Insirux Helpdesk allows you to capture an unlimited number of custom fields for each contact record. Custom fields can be text, numerical, dates or a value from a lookup list. All custom fields can be fully searched on from the advanced contact search screen.
Custom fields can capture more information about a contact

3. Associate contacts with assets

Keep track of which assets belong to a person or organization. When a client contacts your support desk it is always handy to know which asset or piece of equipment that they own.
Link people and organizations to assets

4. View related support issues

Quickly see all closed and open requests for a contact. If a client calls the support desk about an existing issue, operators can quickly bring up the relevant details whilst on the phone.
View support issues related to a person (contact) or an organization

5. Assign multiple contacts or organizations to a support issue.

Unlike many other helpdesk software titles, Insirux Help Desk allows you to log a support issue on behalf of a person or an organization.
Select multiple contact roles for support issues

6. Keep track of all communication between your helpdesk and your clients.

Having every conversation recorded in the one place makes it easy for anyone at the help desk to answer a call from a client.
Track every activity and communication between your clients and your helpdesk

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