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Managing support issues is the main job of any Help Desk system and this is where Insirux Helpdesk really outshines many of the existing offerings in the marketplace.

Insirux Help Desk gives you the flexibility to assign trouble tickets to a specific user or to a queue.

For example, in a small helpdesk environment it may make more sense to assign jobs to individuals. Although in larger helpdesks it is often a good idea to assign support issues either to a central dispatch queue or to the queue most relevant to the product that is causing a problem. However, both options are easy to achieve using Insirux Help Desk.

If your helpdesk is currently small, then you can feel confident that Insirux Help Desk will scale to meet the demands of any future expansions to your support center.

1. Handle multiple calls easily

Insirux Help Desk allows you to open up multiple windows at a time, so that if you are on the phone to one client you don't need to close the screens for that client if another call comes in - simply open up another screen for the new call.
Open up multiple support issue screens at the same time

2. Ticket routing and assignment

Assign trouble tickets to a person, an organization or a queue.
Flexible ticket routing and assignment options are available

3. Ticket escalation

Using the advanced search screen, you can easily and quickly identify overdue requests or issues that have not been touched in a very long time.
Escalate overdue requests and support issues

4. Email notification

Send automatic confirmation emails to clients, notify staff members when a request has been assigned to them or updated, and send automatic notifications to clients and staff when a trouble ticket is closed.

Automatically notify people when support requests are created, assigned or resolved

5. Record every activity undertaken to resolve an issue

Keeping track of every phone call, email or meeting between staff and clients or staff and other staff is crucial to delivering excellent customer service.
Track every activity involved from inception to resolution of a support issue

6. Add screenshots or file attachments

Sometimes a client may need to send a screenshot of an error or problem to your support desk. Having the ability to locate relevant files can make it much quicker for your technicans to diagnose and solve user problems.
Add multiple screenshots or file attachments to a support request

7. Audit History

Every action is recorded in the audit trail so you can see who did what and when.
View the entire audit history of a support issue

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