Asset Management Features

Managing assets is crucial to the success of any help desk. Insirux Help Desk is well equipped to help your organization take control of your assets.

1. Browse assets by their location

Organize assets into your own location hieararchy for quick browsing by support technicans. Assets can be arranged by country, state, office, building, floor level, room, or by workstation.

2. View the location history of every asset

Oftentimes an asset may move from one workstation to another or even to a different room or building. An asset may also be sent to a repairer for maintenance work. Insirux Help Desk allows you to quickly see where a particular asset has been in the past.

3. View the request history of every asset

The ability to see all of the support requests related to an asset allows your support staff to see how a recurring problem with an asset was resolved in the past. It also allows you to predict any future work that may be needed for an asset.

4. Associate assets with related people or organizations

Insirux Help Desk allows you to associate an asset with any number of people or organizations. If an asset is owned by an organization, it can be linked to that organization. If your company instead assigns assets to people, then Insirux Helpdesk allows you to associate the asset with a specific person.

5. Record asset warranty details

Keep track of when an asset is under warranty and what is covered under the warranty.

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