For Immediate Release

1st February 2014

My Internet Solutions Pty Ltd announces a new domain and website for the purpose of selling helpdesk software within the help desk industry.

The name Insirux was invented when it was found there was no word in the dictionary that adequately expressed the amount of heart and soul that went into the creation of the most beautiful and affordable helpdesk solution to date (at least in our humble and un-biased opinion ;-)

in-si-rux    -    Pronunciation Key (in-seer'rucks)
  1. The quality or condition of being insirux.
  2. The act or process of insiruxing:
  3. A person or thing considered to be insirux.
  4. An instance of insirux.


  1. Grammar: The insirux tense.
  2. A verb or verb form in the insirux tense.

Examples of usage:

  1. "Boss, This software claims to have more Insirux than any of it's competitors, perhaps we should buy it?"

Insirux Helpdesk Software is made by My Internet Solutions Pty Ltd.

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