Downloads MSDE

1. Download and Run MSDE Installer

Download and run the SQL2KDeskSP3a.exe file.

The download link will redirect you to the download page on MSDN. Once on that page you will need to select the appropriate language and press the 'Go' button. You will be redirected to the download page for the selected language. Select 'SQL2kdesksp3.exe' and save this file to your harddrive.

Download MDSE Now! (70MB)

For more details on configuring and setting up MSDE please see:


2. Install MSDE

Double-click on the SQL2kdesksp3.exe you downloaded:

Once you have run the self extracting exe (SQL2kdesksp3.exe), go to a command prompt.

Navigate to the directory you expanded the self extracting exe to and change to the MSDE subdirectory.

Type Setup SAPWD=(Some password) SecurityMode=SQL

The screenshot below shows an example:

You are now ready to use MSDE as your database.